The 90-Miler Approaches

The 2012 Adirondack Canoe Classic is September 7-9. Once again, Jack, Bill, Tom and John will hop aboard their Minnesota 4 and do flatwater battle. It should be noted that the rival Munsons are back in the race this year.

This will be the 18th 90-Miler for Jack, the 17th for Bill, the 15th for Tom and the fifth for John. Jay did at least nine 90-Milers before retiring.

Below is the record of NCMC participation in the 90-Miler, with paddling times where known.

2011 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 15:04
2010 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 16:15
2009 Jack and Bill 17:26 (Yale murder)
2008 Jack and Bill (they did one day, Tom’s bad back)
2007 Jack, Bill, Tom, John (4-man)
2006 Jack, Bill, Tom, John (4-man) (Bog Goger pit crew)
2005 Jack, Bill, Tom, Andy (4-man)
2004 Bill and Tom
2003 Jack and Bill
2002 Jack and Tom 16:43, Bill and Jay 18:23
2001 Jack and Tom 16:22, Bill and Jay 18:41
2000 Jack and Tom 13:43, Bill and Jay 14:42
1999 Jack and Tom 16:56, Bill and Jay 18:02
1998 Jack and Tom 16:16, Bill and Jay 17:30
1997 Jack and Tom 18:06, Bill and Jay 18:32
1996 Bill and Jay
1995 Jack and Dylan, Tom and Jay
1994 Jack and Jay
1993 Jack and Tom 18:02