Updated 90 Miler History

With the 90-mile Adirondack Canoe Classic looming in September, it’s time to update the history of NCMC’s participation. Jack has now competed in 22 90 Milers (counting his one-day race in 2008). Tom and Bill have done 19, and John has done eight, and Jay did nine, unless he did any more races before 1994.

2016 Jack, Bill, John, and Tom 11:40:23 (day 3 canceled)
2015 Jack, John and Tom (Minn 3) 16:14
2014 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 15:14
2013 Jack and Tom 16:04
2012 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 15:17
2011 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 15:04
2010 Jack, Bill, John and Tom (4-man) 16:15
2009 Jack and Bill 17:26 (Yale murder)
2008 Jack and Bill (they did one day, Tom’s bad back)
2007 Jack, Bill, Tom, John (4-man) (Day One capsize, can’t find time)
2006 Jack, Bill, Tom, John (4-man) 15:37 (Bog Goger pit crew)
2005 Jack, Bill, Tom, Andy (4-man) 15:27 (Munsons were 15:21)
2004 Bill and Tom 16:12
2003 Jack and Bill 16:47
2002 Jack and Tom 16:43, Bill and Jay 18:23
2001 Jack and Tom 16:22, Bill and Jay 18:41
2000 Jack and Tom 13:43, Bill and Jay 14:42 (Day One shortened)
1999 Jack and Tom 16:56, Bill and Jay 18:02
1998 Jack and Tom 16:16, Bill and Jay 17:30
1997 Jack and Tom 18:06, Bill and Jay 18:32
1996 Bill and Jay 14:46 (Day Three cancelled)
1995 Jack and Dylan 20:50, Tom and Jay 19:25
1994 Jack and Jay 15:39 (Day One must have been shortened)
1993 Jack and Tom 18:02

Winter Camp 2015

Bill, Jack, Tom, Tuki and Caz went winter camping from the Kimpton Road clubhouse to St. Regis Pond in March 2015. It was very cold (well below zero) when they arrived in the Adirondacks, so they did a day ski and then an overnight trip to the pond. You can see photos from the trip here. There is also some video.