Tom and Jack, both age 40, initiated the participation of the North Country Men’s Club in the Adirondack Canoe Classic, “The 90-Miler” in 1993. They had never before experienced a canoe race or appreciated the extent of the cult of Wenonah canoes, and the race was an eye-opener on many levels.
Fortunately, rough water cut the first day of racing short, and they had to haul out at Raquette Lake, 25 miles into the race and 10 miles short of the normal finish line for the day.
The future would bring graphite paddles and a Jensen-designed canoe, but that first race with Gillespie wooden paddles, Nalgene water bottles and a Wenonah Sundowner had brought the NCMC into a new outdoor realm.
(See the 1999 90-Miler Trip Report for an account of the NCMC’s history in the race.)
90-Miler start in 1993

Gallery: 90-Miler 1993

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