2010 Round the Mountain

Dead in the Water
Jack and Tom participated in the 2010 Round the Mountain with Mary and Jan serving as pit crew. They used an 18-foot Sundowner for the 10-mile race as the Jensen was in Buffalo.
Right from the start, as all the other boats pulled away with surprising speed, they realized that they were not going to do well. Not only did they not do well, they finished dead last among boats being paddled by two men. It could be called a wakeup call if the veteran NCMC paddlers were not already dead to wakeup calls.
2010 Round the Mountain
Like the members of a youth sports team who are all awarded trophies, Jack and Tom were given hardware at the award ceremony on Lake Flower by benevolent race czar Brian McDonnell. Perhaps they were third among three entries of boats paddled by men over 50!
After the race, they repaired to the clubhouse on Kimpton Road to lick their wounds. The next day they climbed Panther Mountain with Dylan and Acacia. It was a good weekend for the aging paddlers, who have resigned themselves to the steady, even precipitous, decline of their times in any canoe races they enter.

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