Bog River-Floodwood

The record for consecutive nights spent in a tent is seven. That streak was set in August 2011 by Tom and Jan, who spent one night tenting at Lake Eaton campground, three nights on Hitchens Pond in the Bog River Flow, and three nights on Floodwood Pond.
After their night at Lake Eaton, they drove to the Bog River Flow put-in off Route 3 between Long Lake and Tupper Lake. They were stunned by the number of cars and trucks at the put-in, and the several canoe trailers that outfitters used to send their “sports” off into the wild.
They set off, however, with their Sundowner and solo Advantage, and found a great camping spot on Hitchens Pond just below the dam that requires a short portage leading to the upper Flow.
One great part of their campsite was that they got to see the canoe campers going back and forth on their travels up and down the Flow.
They also saw a pair of bald eagles each day, including one that came down and took a fish right by their canoe as they paddled around. Tom also got a good look at a black bear that swam by the bow of his solo one afternoon.
Floodwood Pond: Jan, Erin, Kate and Kelly
After enjoying the Bog River Flow, they decamped and headed over to Floodwood Pond, where they spent three more nights and were joined by Bill, Kate, Molly, Kelly and Erin Webster, along with Darby, and two nice young men from Buffalo, Mike and Parl (sp?). Jan and Tom were largely out of provisions when they got to Floodwood, but the Websters arrived with tons of good food and drink for all. Highlights of the Floodwood Pond stay were the trips to Rollins Pond for swimming and jumping off rocks into the water, and playing Kan Jam, the fabulous Frisbee game invented in Buffalo.
After the trip, Tom and Jan made their first ever visit to Tail O’ The Pup outdoor restaurant in Ray Brook. The Websters waved to them as they drove by on their way to Lake Placid for some shopping before returning to Buffalo. After eating, Tom and Jan found the Websters in Lake Placid and strolled the busy Main Street for a while before heading home.

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