Follensby Clear Pond 2015

Version 2

The North Country Men’s Club took a canoe trip to Follensby Clear Pond not far from the clubhouse in late July. The Websters planned the trip and the Conroys and Semlers decided to join them.
Jan and Tom arrived int the late afternoon on July 30, a Thursday, and paddled their wood-trimmed 17-foot Sundowner with cane seats to a campsite they thought would be large enough for the group. Bill knew there was a lean-to on an island in the pond, but it was occupied.
Jan and Tom set up camp in a leisurely fashion, enjoying sunny and warm weather. The next day they took a loop paddle, carrying their canoe from Follensby into Polliwog Pond, and then into Little Polliwog, and then into Horseshoe Pond, and then back to Follensby.
Late in the afternoon on Friday, Bill, Kate, Molly, Kelly and Erin arrived with the three dogs.
On Saturday, they paddled to the campsite with the lean-to, which was now empty. While they were there, the Semlers arrived and they all paddled back to camp.
On Sunday, the Semlers, with Kelly, left, as did the Conroys. The remaining Websters paddled back to the put-in and headed to Lake Placid, before returning for another night of camping.
It was a great trip with nice weather. Follensby is easy to access and had fewer campers than they thought it would on a beautiful summer weekend.
You can see the pictures from the trip here.