Follensby Clear Pond

Follensby Clear Pond was the destination for a four-night canoe trip in August 1998. Jan, Tom, Matt and Russell brought a tandem and solo canoe to the pond, departing from the put-in on Route 30, not far from the NCMC club house on Kimpton Road.
Although the pond is, unfortunately, open to motors, few boats enter the pond, which is accessible by boat from Fish Creek campground. The pond is south of Floodwood Road, and therefore not in the St. Regis Canoe area.
Follensby Clear Pond
The campers enjoyed great weather on the trip and found a campsite with good swimming and a nice view of the pond. They did a nice four-portage day trip circuit of nearby ponds, portaging from Follensby to Polliwog Pond, then to Little Polliwog, onto to Horseshoe Pond, and back to Follensby.
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