Jack and Mary visited Killarney Provincial Park in September 2004 for a two-night canoe trip. The Killarney web site describes the park, northwest of Toronto near Georgian Bay, thusly:
“Considered one of Ontario Parks’ crown jewels, this majestic, mountainous wilderness of sapphire lakes and jack pine ridges so captivated artists – including The Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson – that they persuaded the Ontario government to make it a park. Once higher than the Rocky Mountains, La Cloche’s white quartzite cliffs gleam like snowy peaks from afar. Where paddlers, hikers, skiers and snowshoers now journey through in this craggy, imposing landscape, there is evidence that others passed thousands of years before.”
The Semlers reported having a great time, and saw the northern lights and moose. They also reported that the Killarney clientele was universally classy, as well as wise in the ways and etiquette of woods and water.


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