Fish Pond

In October of 2009, Jack and Tom rode their mountain bikes roundtrip from the North Country Men’s Club headquarters on Kimpton Road to Fish Pond. The NCMC has set out on a couple of occasions to ski to the pond, but never made it on a day trip. While on the their ride, they encountered some New York State Department of Environmental Conservation staffers who were checking the pond and a couple of other spots.
Yes, this was a biking excursion rather than a hike, but there are enough similarities to hiking to include the trip in the Hiking section of the website.
Jack biking on Fish Pond Trail 2009
While Jack and Tom were on their bike trip, Kate Webster was climbing Giant Mountain (Ah, youth!).
The next day, Jack and Tom took a paddle to St. Regis Pond. They took the same route that the NCMC has used to winter camp at the lean-to on St. Regis.

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