On a beautiful fall weekend sometime in the late 1980s, the North Country Men’s Club took a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks called “Santanoni.” Santanoni is a High Peak and it is believed that the goal of the trip was to climb it. It is a peak “without a maintained trail,” according to the Adirondack Mountain Club. Such peaks used to be called “trailless,” but the designation was changed to “without maintained trails” because peaks like Santanoni have “herd paths” or informal trails to their summits.
Neither Santanoni nor any other peak was climbed during this trip, and it is uncertain where the trailhead was that the group, comprised of Tom, Jack, Bill, Mary and Beverly, set out from. Regardless, a good time was had on the trip, wherever they started from and wherever they ended up camping.
Jack, Mary, Bill and Bev on the Santanoni trip

Gallery: Santanoni

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