Algonquin Winter 1999

In January 1999, Jay, Jack and Tom headed out from Buffalo to Algonquin Provincial Park for a weekend stay at a ski-in lodge on the border of the park.
They arrived after dark, but the proprietor was kind enough to show up with a snowmobile pulling a sled, on which the NCMCers loaded their gear. Without packs to carry, the trio skied easily in the dark to the lodge.
At the lodge, they enjoyed the company of a number of cheerful Canadians. Their brothers from the Great White North did poke good-natured fun at the Americans with their case of Budweiser, but had to no hesitation to ask for some after their own liquor supply ran out later on the weekend.
Jay and Jack at Algonquin
The skiing was good, and the place also had a sauna and an outdoor, wood-fired hot tub.
On the last day, Tom, the worst downhill skier in the NCMC, fell on a descent and somehow cut his elbow on his ski edge. They had to make a quick stop at an emergency room for some stitches before heading back to Buffalo. His fall left him lying in a stream, and his camera got wet, but some photos were salvaged.

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