Long Boat Regatta

Jack and Tom paddled Saturday in the Long Boat Regatta on Long Lake organized by Brian and Grace McDonnell’s Adirondack Watershed Alliance. The race is the North American War Canoe Championships, but there is also an “anything goes” 10-mile race, and the NCMC used the 18-foot Jensen to win first place in the C-2 standard men category. As they were the only entry in that category, victory was assured. Their time was 2:08, which was fairly good considering that their GPS showed that the race was actually almost 11.5 miles in length.
You can see photos from the race here.
You can see a map of the course that the NCMC followed here.

NCMC Shines in 90-Miler

Jack, Bill, John and Tom represented the NCMC proudly in the 30th annual Adirondack Canoe Classic on September 7-9. A quick analysis of the results shows they finished fourth out of the seven C-4 men’s boats in their wave and 19th out of the 33 C-4s in their wave. They were also 22nd out of the 53 total C-4s in the race, and they beat three of the six war canoes. They also beat the Munsons by over an hour, 15:17 to 16:22. The results show the NCMC losing on Day 3 to boat 181 by two seconds, which is ridiculous. The NCMC could not have lost by more than half a second. The NCMC beat boat 181 overall by about 10 minutes. The winning boat in the whole race was a C-4 in the NCMC wave that completed the 90 miles in 11:48, a stunning time.