Long Boat Regatta 2014

The NCMC participated in the 2014 Long Boat Regatta at Long Lake. It was the first time the club used a C4 in the race. Jack, Bill and Tom were joined in the crew by David Woods, who traveled up from New Jersey and arrived a few minutes before the start to compete for the first time in a canoe race. He acquitted himself well in the third seat, as the NCMC battled high winds and big waves on the course. Hardware was procured in recognition of the strong effort put in by the NCMC. After the race, the group enjoyed a well-deserved beverage at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake before Woods headed back to New Jersey. It should be noted that it was Jack’s idea to invite Woods to participate in the race after he had called the NCMC “sissies” for using wheels in the 90 Miler. You can see a few pictures here